Benefits of self-generating electricity, on-site storage and scalable EV charging

Electricity prices can be locked-in for up to 10 years

Predictable costs ensured by long-term gas contracts and equipment financing (up to 10 years)

Fully scalable generation and storage to suit increasing needs, especially due to EV charging

Our gas and solar solutions range in size from small facilities up to utility scale

Our generation costs compare favorably with utility rates

No time of use charges

The combined cost of equipment and gas supply compare favorably with utility rates, but offer greater predictability

Gas supply is not subject to time of use charges

Not susceptible to electricity grid blackouts or brownouts

We use natural gas and renewable natural gas which continues flowing even when there is a grid blackout

Modular systems for flexibility and easy capacity scaling

Components can be installed independently or as a comprehensive solution

Equipment is modular and can be added as needed, in both small and large increments

Increases in battery storage and gas-to-electricity generation can be tailored to suit specific and evolving needs

Our gas generation equipment produces favorable byproducts of hot water, cold water, and water purification

We can recycle exhaust heat to provide hot water in lieu of a boiler, and cold water that can be used for air conditioning

Proven technology, built-in redundancy

We use technology that has been installed over decades throughout the world

The equipment has built-in redundancy to ensure continuous electricity

On-site placement, no need for transmission lines

Our generation, battery storage and EV charging solutions are located on your property, not subject to transmission line problems

Full factory protection, maintenance and parts replacement programs

Our equipment is serviced and maintained under long-term contracts by factory trained experts