You’ve got the power

The power to control your electrical needs so that you can grow your business, manage your costs, and become more sustainable. We can help you flip the switch from utility company dependence to reliable and resilient energy that’s built for you, ready when you need it.
 Giving you the power to make your vision a reality.

How we can help your operation

At Pegasus, we supply high-ROI electrical power generation and storage solutions for infrastructure facilities across the US power grid including EV charging stations. We do this by offering a complete range of proven expertise and partnerships centered on delivering natural gas and solar-powered electricity at scale and unencumbered by the existing US electrical grid. From ideation to execution, our team of experts can help customize an electrical solution that’s right for your needs. We can even help with the financing.

Being in control of your electricity
has never been more important.

The US electrical grid is strained and outdated. Demand is outstripping supply, resulting in unprecedented pressures on energy stability and reliability. Lacking safe, economical, and tailored alternatives for generating and storing electricity, businesses and municipalities will lose the ability to operate as they should.

Pegasus Power Solutions generate maximum ROI.

Predictable costs

Lock in long-term gas contracts, electricity prices and equipment financing for up to ten years.


Our gas generation and solar solutions are scalable to evolving needs such as EV charging.

Favorable rates

Our solutions compare well with utility rates but have greater predictability and your gas supply has no time of use charges.

Uninterrupted power

With our solutions right on your property and not subject to transmission lines, you’ll get 24/7 power even when there’s a grid blackout.

Proven benefits

Our gas generation equipment produces favorable byproducts of hot and cold water, as well as water purification you can use for HVAC or other water needs.


Our equipment has built-in redundancy to ensure continuous electricity with full factory protection and maintenance programs included.


The U.S. Department of Energy's
National Renewable Energy Lab forecasts that:

U.S. annual electricity consumption is projected to nearly double from 3,600 to 6,700 trillion watt hours within 30 years.

This increase arises from continued electrification of our society, and an increase in electricity demand to charge electric vehicles.

By 2050, natural gas will comprise up to 42% of U.S. grid capacity, equivalent to the electricity provided by both solar and wind combined.