Working to deliver a greener future for all.

From Carbon Sequestration to EV Charging. Electricity generation from renewable natural gas. And a host of other initiatives in between. At Pegasus, we’re hard at work every day helping our clients find greener, more sustainable ways to run their operations with solutions customized to their unique needs. As experts in the oil and natural gas space, sometimes that means finding ways to leverage orphaned or abandoned wells via carbon capture and storage initiatives. Or building novel solutions to capture more exhaust from state-of-the-art low emission power generation and in turn using that to create abundant hot and cold water for HVAC and other related on-site needs. Whatever your demand, if your enterprise has a mandate to be greener, we can help you chart a path forward.

A range of green solutions ready to meet your unique demands.


Carbon Sequestration:

  • Executive Team with 100+ years of experience in the oil and natural gas sector as well as natural resources and power generation.
  • Large partner resource network of secure sites for Carbon Sequestration.
  • Turnkey operations to transport, inject, and monitor CO2 across various well class sizes.

EV Charging:

  • Deep relationships with experts in the solar/EV charging arena.
  • Proven partnerships with efficient turbine manufacturers that deliver clean exhaust with low noise for use almost anywhere.
  • A range of configurations available to meet your property, enterprise, and pricing needs.

Beneficial Green Byproducts:

  • A Pegasus solution can be built as a closed-loop system that maximizes the benefits of renewable natural gas to support agriculture or aquaculture ecosystems.
  • Our technologies are clean, efficient, and offer much more than uninterruptible electricity.

Questions about CO2 management or other ways to go green?
We’re ready to help.