We endeavor to show our customers the power they have to control their electrical needs.

We aspire to flip the power industry on its head by transforming electrical energy from a one-size-fits-all to a modern, solutions-first alternative giving customers more control than they’ve ever had before.

As a company, we believe in integrity, collaboration, innovation and relentlessness. We are dedicated to helping every customer we serve find the power solution that’s right for their needs.

Our Capabilities

Harold Lea - CEO, Chairman, Co-founder

Harold’s career has focused on energy and technology, responding to evolving trends and emphasizing risk mitigation. He ensures that Pegasus provides its clients with equipment best suited for electricity security, water purification, price risk mitigation, and changing demand associated with EV charging.

Harold was recruited from Northwestern’s business school by Chevron, where he worked in a number of teams responsible for energy infrastructure and reducing price risk. He was recruited from Chevron to join, and later became CEO of a market price risk management software company. He presided over several successful company exits before becoming a licensed investment banker. In addition to leading Pegasus, Harold leads an investment banking firm specializing in capital strategies and funding for energy projects.

Career Highlights:

Don DeVille - EVP Operations, Founder, Board member

Don uses his extensive experience in gas-to-electricity generation to optimize equipment choices for Pegasus clients. His system design recommendations include proper scaling, and identifying benefits such as recycling exhaust to produce hot water, air conditioning and water purification.

During his career, Don was instrumental in growing Hanover Compressor from a startup to a company with a valuation exceeding $5 billion. Throughout his career, Don has been actively involved in energy generation equipment, including enhancing existing equipment to minimize and recycle emissions. Don has overseen solutions design and equipment installations in urban and remote, sometimes harsh, environments.

Career Highlights:

Josh Schein - Secretary, Founder, Board member

Josh provides operational oversight for Pegasus, and is also part of the team that evaluates and quantifies new markets for Pegasus products and solutions.

Josh is involved with energy equipment, financial markets and telecommunications. His activities involve important innovations, including recent funding of solar powered, radio-based, broadband in the Brazilian Amazon, providing tele-health and tele-education to isolated communities. Josh is actively involved with a VC accelerator specializing in clean energy technologies, where he has evaluated hundreds of clean-tech startups.

Career Highlights:

Thomas Hutchins - EVP Natural Gas Service, Permitting, Health, and Safety

Tom engages with prospective Pegasus clients during the evaluation stage, to identify the sufficiency and accessibility of natural gas supply – the essential prerequisite for Pegasus clients to generate their own secure energy for operations and EV charging. Tom is involved throughout permitting and installation to ensure successful and timely project completion.

Tom is an expert in natural gas and renewable natural gas pipeline supply, permitting, health and safety. Prior to joining Pegasus, Tom was an executive with Kinder Morgan, America’s largest natural gas pipeline company. His 35 years of professional experience includes pipeline operations, field engineering, project management, permitting, compliance and safety oversight. Tom has been involved with many installations of gas-powered electricity generation equipment.

Career Highlights:

Lauren Rosenblatt - VP Electricity Strategy and Regulations

Lauren is an attorney with a background in regulated energy markets. She assists Pegasus clients in understanding regulations and compliance measures associated with self-generation of electricity.

Lauren’s career has has served as an attorney in major law firms in New York and Washington DC, with a focus on energy regulations. She served as a Branch Chief for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and as a legal and markets advisor for the statewide utility Berkshire Hathaway–NV Energy. Lauren has worked with all of the major western utilities across a range of wholesale and retail operational and market matters. She focuses on opportunities for self-generation amidst the increasingly strained U.S electrical grid and its need to quickly adapt to evolving demands associated with aging infrastructure, and more recently to respond to increases in EV charging.

Career Highlights:

Renee Jones-Welch, PhD – Government Relations and Grants

Renee works with Pegasus prospects and clients to evaluate government grants and incentives that encourage investment in electricity generation, storage and EV charging.

Renee has been involved for more than 20 years in writing and reviewing government grants. Her experience with grants started in education and workforce development before she transitioned to technology. Renee’s current efforts involve The Inflation Reduction Act and other new incentive programs that provide funding for grid stabilization, including through use of natural gas powered microturbines, as well as subsidies and grants for EV charging.

Career Highlights:

Jerry Schmiedlin - VP Pre-owned Equipment Acquisition and Sale

Jerry’s career has involved purchase & sale, as well as machining and repair of gas generation equipment. He has an extensive network of industry contacts to assist clients in the acquisition and disposition of used equipment, including equipment retiring from long-term leases.

Jerry is a founding partner of Pointer Power and Compression, a firm focused on purchases and sales of generation equipment. In the midst of supply chain challenges and long lead times for new-equipment manufacturing, Jerry has been able to rapidly deliver previously-owned equipment for urgent needs throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Career Highlights:

Alexander (Xander) Lea - EV & Battery Charging, Mobile Generation

Xander Lea leads research and analysis for Pegasus EV charging solutions. He assists Pegasus clients in determining the volume and type of EV charging configurations best suited to their needs. Xander works closely with Pegasus’ EV charging partner to ensure comprehensive and seamless solutions.

Xander leads EV charging research for both integrated and stand-alone solutions. He also provides analysis of electricity and EV trends to assist Pegasus in offering its clients comprehensive solutions that include electricity generation, battery storage and scalable EV charging. Xander has identified and helped integrate premier EV charging suppliers into the Pegasus suite of solutions.

Career Highlights:

Lawrence Weiner - General Counsel

Lawrence represents Pegasus and its clients in both domestic and cross-border transactions, as well as with strategic partnerships. He has been an attorney and an executive for 30 years, specializing in financing, contracts, licensing, IP, and cybersecurity.

Lawrence’s experience includes strategic alliances, financing, and contracts for domestic, international, and cross-border transactions. He has represented parties in the energy, agriculture, technology, and government sectors. Lawrence assists Pegasus Power Solutions and its clients with power purchase agreements (PPAs), partnerships, financing activities, contract preparation and execution, due diligence, and compliance. He is licensed to practice law in the U.S. and Mexico, and has extensive experience in North, Central, and South America. Lawrence speaks English, Spanish and Chinese Mandarin.

Career Highlights:

Pradeep Haldar, PhD - Energy Engineering Innovation and Integrated Solutions

Pradeep provides Pegasus clients and prospects with guidance on energy strategy, technology and engineering innovation. He is an expert in clean energy technologies, microgrid resiliency, and in evaluating and designing comprehensive solutions that involve electricity generation, conversion and high-capacity storage.

Pradeep has held numerous prestigious positions as a member of energy consortiums, as a university professor/dean, and as an advanced technology leadership executive. He has worked in industry for 16+ years and has served as a mentor and administrator in academia for over 20 years. Most recently, he has consulted for numerous corporate clients including a major U.S.-based international airport on sustainability and resiliency by recommending microgrids and storage to reduce dependency on the electric grid. Pradeep is an expert in implementing and optimizing electricity generation with electricity storage for maximum efficiency. Additionally, he is involved with evaluating hydrogen as a future clean-burning fuel.

Career Highlights:

Marc Vincent – Biogas and Natural Gas Treatment, Cross-Discipline Solution Design

Marc is the President of JCI Process Solutions. He is a professional engineer who has worked globally designing, fabricating, and commissioning electrical power plants, heat recovery systems, natural gas NGL plants, and process water treating facilities. He provides technical support to Pegasus clients to design integrated solutions for power generation, fuel gas conditioning, water treatment, and carbon sequestration.

Marc has successfully designed and implemented a wide range of facilities from small power generation CHP projects to large natural gas refrigeration projects. He has recently been involved in a large carbon sequestration project.

Career Highlights:

Richard Schank - VP Client Financial Analysis and Strategy

Richard assists Pegasus clients in modeling cost-benefit analysis of self-generation, storage and EV charging tailored to each firm’s unique needs. Earlier in his career, Richard led the team responsible for financial modeling for Chevron’s CEO, and he brings that same level of thorough analysis to Pegasus prospects and clients.

Richard is an expert in energy finance, investment banking and venture capital. In addition to his role at Pegasus, he is a Senior Principal at Sierra Energy Capital and a Partner at NextLeap Ventures. Richard’s core competencies include financial modeling and analysis, project finance and capital strategy. His career includes 13 years at Chevron, after which he led the analysis team at Dreyer’s during its sale to Nestle for $3.4 billion. He has held various positions as CFO, and led the 17-person portfolio pricing team for Intellectual Ventures, a $6 billion IP licensing firm.

Career Highlights: